Aalesund Art College

Aalesund Art College

A 2-year college which teaches the students basic vocational skills in visual arts.

Our front page question is : Aalesund Art College – the best two years of your life? When we presented this for our students they asked «Why the questionmark?»

It is, naturally, up to each student to make his or her time at Aalesund Art College a good one. However we do our uttermost to provide a stimulating environment to explore fields of art and design.

Kunst_i_naturThe study consist of four semesters with slightly more advanced and specialized levels. Not all our students become artist. In fact, very few do. But our study is constructed around the idea that good fundamental vocational skills are relevant to all professions within the visual field. Our students move on to architecture, visual communication, graphic design, set design, production design, film, photography, fine arts and more.


These are the goals for the education we provide:

·      Basic vocational skills within visual arts.

·      Experience with interdisciplinary work, prosessual learning and visual communication.

·      Theoretical knowledge and training within critical and analytical thinking.

·      Individual follow up and training in order to see own work in a context.